Chippewa Flowage Lake Association

History Documentation:


Department of the Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington, D.C.
February 15, 1926

TO: Mr. James Navicah
 Couderay, New Post Village,

My dear Mr. Navicah,

 In further response to your letter of January 22, 1926, we are now in receipt of a report from the Superintendent of the Hayward School stating that if the body of your mother Maddie Kadock, was taken up from the Catholic Cemetery at the Old Post Village it was done due to a mistake in the marking of a grave, that the grave which was opened was marked as that of George Nagiosh, and that the only indication that the grave was that of your mothers was the finding of a straw hat in the box containing the remains.

  While it is not all certain that the body removed was that of your mother it is clear that there is no willful intention on the part of the Superintendent, the Reverend Ignatius Kenny in charge of the Catholic cemetery, or Mr. Thayer or Mr. Gorman, the contractors, who did the work, of ignoring you in the matter.

  It is very regrettable indeed if any mistake has been made, but even if it be established beyond a doubt that the body removed is that of your mother, it is not seen under all circumstances that you are to any damages, and the most that can be said is that if you are not satisfied to accept what has been done and desire the body restored to the original grave you should so advice the Superintendent, who is being furnished a copy of this letter with instruction to see that this is done.

  When the permit for the power project of the Northern States Light & Power Company was issued, it was thought naturally that the Indians who had relatives buried in the flowage area would not want them to remain under water or in places more or less inaccessible by reason of the reservoir, but would want the bodies taken up and reinterred in some other satisfactory place. Accordingly, provisions were inserted in the permit requiring the company to do this work, and your Superintendent is conscientiously, devoting much of his time and attention in an effort to see this work is done in accordance with the wishes of the Indians. Where the relatives of any deceased Indian buried within the flowage area do not desire the graves disturbed, the Superintendent will not knowingly permit their wishes to be disregarded, and it is urged that you accord him your hearty cooperation to the end that the work in this connection maybe finished satisfactorily at the earliest practical date.
Very truly yours,
E.B. Meritt
Assistant Commissioner
2-12 jmp
carbon to Superintendent in Hayward

 (NOTE: The Chippewa Flowage Lake Association does not endorse this management plan and we note that the water level comments in the plan do not concur with  Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions requirements.)
If you have any corrections, comments or possible additions please contact me.

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