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History Documentation:

Letter To Indian Affair Requesting Reservation Land for Catholic Church 1882, October 26

La Pointe Agency
Ashland, Wisconsin
October 26, 1882

Honorable H. Price
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Washington, D.C.


  I enclose a copy of a petition received from the Chiefs and Headmen of the Lac Courte Oreilles Indians. When I was down there, in the summer, they were desirous that a piece of land should be set apart for a cemetery and church, and I advised the to select the piece which they desired, and ask in this manner that it be reserved for that purpose, but I informed them at the time that no patent could be issued either to the church or any individual white man.  The location selected, I examined it at that time and it is appropriate, and convenient, and I would respectfully recommend that it be reserved for the purpose, as it will tend to do away with the habit of burying their dead promiscuously.

  I think it should be under the control of the Department, that no one denomination might have control of it. The immediate intention of the petition is to secure a location for a Catholic church and cemetery.

Very respectfully,
W.R. Durfee
U.S. Indian Agent

La Pointe Agency
Lac Courte Oreilles, Wisconsin
Petition to the Honorable
Commissioner of Indian Affairs

  We the undersigned Indians of Lac Courte Oreilles, have agreed to give a certain piece of land, for religious purposes, which land is not good for any other purpose but to build a church and bury our dead, we wish for your aid to obtain a patent of said land, which is numbered lot 3, of Section 5, Town 39N, R8W, containing 44.30 acres.
Akiwenzi (Chief)   his X mark
Misigan (Chief)    his X mark
Bejegobinens (Chief)  his X mark
Genash (Chief)    his X mark
Tchingwewe (Chief)   his X mark
Ojoge (1)    his X mark
Akewenzie (1)   his X mark
Ojoge (2)    his X mark
Shi Shi bidinigan   his X mark
John B. Corbin [Corbine]  his X mark
Agustus Corbin [Corbine] his X mark
Nisiwe gijig    his X mark
Gabibonake    his X mark
Akewenzie (2)    his X mark
Niganigijig    his X mark
Gagagimigan   his X mark
Nasawigisis    his X mark
Ina sa mi    his X mark
She gag    his X mark
Ogebeiasang   his X mark
Charles Ojoge   his X mark
Kni wi ga bow   his X mark
Gwi wis    his X mark
Ogima wadjiwebe   his X mark
Giwegijig    his X mark
Antonie Giwegijig   his X mark
Gatchid jigijig   his X mark
Bakwaudjius   his X mark
Esibau    his X mark
Gitakiwigijig   his X mark
Okwegan    his X mark
Louis Hall    his X mark

  We hereby certify on honor, that we were present and witnessed the signing and affixing of marks next to each name.

N.E. Pero, Government Farmer
Joseph D. Gurnoe

 (NOTE: The Chippewa Flowage Lake Association does not endorse this management plan and we note that the water level comments in the plan do not concur with  Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions requirements.)
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